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Bath Minibus Hire

How much will your Bath Minibus Hire cost to certain key areas to/ from the Bath area?

For your Bath Minibus Taxi, prices start from £45.00. Bath Minibus Hire with a driver all based on 1 drop off point from A to B. Bath Minibus Hire to Corsham £50.00, Bath to Trowbridge minibus hire £65.00, Bath  minibus hire to Chippenham £65.00, Bath Minibus hire to Calne £90.00, Bath minibus hire to Melksham £65.00, Bath minibus to Malmsbury £110.00, Bath minibus hire to Swindon £140.00, Bath Taxi minibus to Devizes £90.00, Bath Minibus to Westbury £65.00, Bath minibus to Frome £80.00, Bath minibuses to Warmister  £80.00

If you’d like to book your Minibus Transfer service with Russell’s of Bath then please email us on or call us on 01225 683058 , Alternatively fill in our Contact Form. Russell’s of Bath will be at your disposal 24 hours a day 7 days a week on pre booked taxi service.


Bath Taxi Minibuses

Bath Taxi Minibuses


How long will your Bath Minibus Taxi take to these key areas to/ from Bath?

For your Bath Minibus Taxi, the average journey times will be explained below to key destinations to/ from Bath. However this journey time will be for guidance only. Please take this into account when booking with us. Bath to Corsham 25 mins, Bath to Trowbridge minibus hire drop off 30 mins, Bath to Chippenham minibus hire drop off 35 mins, Bath to Calne minibus drop off 45 mins, Bath to Malmsbury minibus taxi 45 mins, Bath to Swindon taxi 55 mins, Bath to Devizes transfer 45 mins, Bath to Westbury 35 mins, Bath to Frome 35 mins, Bath to Bath to Warminster 40 mins. Please take this into account when booking with us.

The most direct & convenient travel options between Bath and these destinations would be a Bath Minibus Taxi. Count on Russell’s of Bath to be there on time for every transfer. Google Russell’s of Bath for our reliability. Small companies have more care to there transfer services than the big corporate companies.

Bath Minibus Taxis for Airport, Seaport, City transfers and sightseeing Tours

We can also offer transfer and tour combinations with the London Transfers. Taxis to and from Bath for 5, 6, 7 or 8 passengers. Taxis from Bath for the extra luggage and wheelchair accessible ADVANCED BOOKING RECOMMENDED. Reliable transfer service to or from any Bath to any U.K airport.


Transfers to the Hotel in Bath

The Royal Crescent

Bath Spa Hotel

The Gainsborough Bath 

The Hilton Hotel Bath

The Abbey Hotel Bath

No 15 Great Pulteney Street

The Z Hotel Bath

Apex Hotel Bath

Bath Premier Inn Bath Travelodge Bath 


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