Events and wedding group minibus taxi transfers

Minibus Taxi Hire Bath for event and wedding transportation needs.

Minibus Taxi Hire Bath use 8 seater minibus taxis and 16 seater minibuses also catering for larger groups but we have a minimum charge because we don’t provide local minibuses or minibus taxis.Wedding venues close to Bath that we will provide minibus transfers to as follows.. We can pick your group up and drop you off and come and collect later that evening. By planning ahead for your wedding transportation, we could actually take a big size groups. We have 6 X 8 Seaters taxis, Plus other 6 seater shuttles.

Sorry but we don’t provide car service no more. All our transfers are now carried out in house this enables us to concentrate on taking bookings providing great service. We was let down by many car sub drivers prior ( not letting customers down ) just causes lots stress drivers not wanting to go out at the stupid on clock just wanting the easy stuff at good times. So fair well to those drivers let the run a do local taxis . Minimum fare required on each bus £74.00 per 8 passenger taxi.

Some Venues we provide Transport for your Bath Taxi Minibuses

Temple of Minerva

Bath’s Historic Venues

Priston Mill

Hamswell House

Bailbrook House Hotel

Wick Farm

All Saints Center

The Bath Priory

Orchard Leigh House

If you don’t see a wedding venue please fill in our main page Booking Form with the FULL details we will respond with a quote for your wedding group. We may chuck multiple 8 seaters or whatever we have available at the time of your booking inquiry to fufill your booking. We have a 100% reliability rate spanning 10 years+.

Minibus Taxi Hire Bath