Terms and conditions Russell’s of Bath

Terms and conditions related to your transfer service.

Russell’s of Bath make every effort to get our passengers to their destination on time. We will not accept any liability relating to missed flights, sailings, city appointments due to any relation to accidents, traffic jams, diversions, break downs or anything. We will be on time but things out of our control we accept NO responsibility.

Payments for your transfer

Payments that are requested in advance for certain transfers are refundable but with a transaction fee of 5%. So the fare will come back to you less 5%. Any transfer 24 hours or less you will only get a 50% refund. We’ve booked your place we wouldn’t be able to fill in that short notice. If you have booked and we turn up and you don’t turn up within 20 minutes we’ve the right to cancel at that point with NO REFUNDS.

Airport, Seaport & City Drop offs & Pick Ups

Airport and Seaport drop off and pick ups. We will regularly check landing times for delays. No charges for long distance delays, we simply check all flights before and leave accordingly. If your a short haul flight to say Heathrow requiring transfers back to Bath. We will have to leave Bath before you take off. If your flight is delayed more than 1 hour and we’re in the area, after the 1 hour has elapsed we will charge £24.00 per hour waiting time will be added to your fare. ( £6.00 per 15 minutes, minimum fee £6.00 if your not in the car 2 hours after landing ) Bristol Airport if your flight delayed more than 3 hours we’ve the right to cancel. We’ve had flights going to the next day yet people still expect a taxi. We’ve other jobs on busy occasion we may not have availability the next day.

Delays at the Airport

Bristol Airport terms. If your flight is delayed more than 4 hours we’ve the right to cancel your booking. IE you’re due in at 20:00 and it’s not looking to come in by midnight we’ve the right to cancel. Pick ups at this airport will be done via phone and meet, the car park right next to the terminal, it being so close to Bath we’ve never offered this service to this airport. All airports for hand luggage we will be in the area for 30 minutes after landing. For check in luggage we will be in the area 1 hour after landing. This keeps the fare down for yourself. Simply text your driver or ring once you have collected your luggage we will head in. 

Russell’s of Bath in house drivers

Russell’s of Bath will be using mainly our own vehicles. On these occasions we ask for advance payment. If for any reason we cancel you will be untitled to a FULL refund. This doest happen but  if it did a full refund will apply. For all transfers carried out in house a VAT receipt will be issued. If for any reason we have to use our reserve drivers then no Vat receipt will be issued. They will take the payment in the car so no Vat reclaimable. Bath Transfer and Tours Limited. ( TA – Russell’s of Bath Private Hire & www.Russellsofbath.com )

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